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Make MORE Money with Tax Sale Investing

Includes: Tax Sale Foreclosure Basics, Strategies Explained, Good- Bad and Ugly Examples, DETAILED Tax Sale Due Diligence, Wholesale Investing, Overage Investing, How to get SEED Money, Competition Avoidance, Dirty Tricks, Lien Priorities, Tax Sale Investing Including Utah and Ohio

Make Money with Tax Sale Investing

Includes: Tax Sale Foreclosure Basics, Researching Properties, Special Stipulations, Tax Sale Preparation, At Tax Sale, Post Tax Sale, Overage Investing, Front Running Investing, Including Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida Tax Sale Investing


Take courses taught by a Professional right from the comfort of your own Home. Julia has some of the brightest advice in the industry offered at an affordable price! What are you waiting for?

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Shocking Real Estate Purchase Surprise!

As probably many Real Estate Investors, I have seen my share of ‘problem’ houses to put it mildly. New Investors always ask me if I can tell them the most horrifying stories and examples so they can brace themselves for the worst.

Top 10 Pitfalls When Buying your First Investment Property

Where do I start, which 10 to pick? Run a simple search online, or ask anyone- it seems like everyone has at least 10 pitfalls they can talk about, and the worst is each person’s 10 are different…so which ones actually matter, which ones do you actually pay attention to?

How To Keep Happy Tenants!

So how do you actually keep your tenants happy and how do you enable them to keep YOU, the landlord happy? There are a number of ways to make the tenant/ landlord relationship a productive one for both parties. This is in the best interest of you, the landlord, as low tenant turnover translates into cost and time savings.

As a multimillionaire, I have a team of financial advisors: Several different types of attorneys, an accountant, a retirement fund manager, an investment fund manager, etc. I also have a Real Estate Advisor. And her name is Julia M. Spencer. She’s the best in her field. If you want to make the right decisions in Real Estate, I suggest you put her on your team too.

I’m so glad that Julia has decided to share her knowledge of Real Estate with the rest of us. The information is presented clearly and succinctly. She has done the work, experienced success, and is now teaching others so they too can be successful in their Real Estate ventures whether as a hobby or full-time. Thanks Julia, for all your hard work and effort!

We are a couple from Europe searching for a property to buy in the U.S. for several years. The big issue is the money, since no lender is willing to provide a loan unless we contribute a 40% or 50% downpayment, which is too much for us. So we asked Julia if she had any ideas and did she ever! She advised us on several easier and cheaper ways to purchase a Home, which we immediately checked and her advice indeed worked. We had given up on our dream to own a property in the U.S., and Julia gave us back the hope and the dream. We will definitely be homeowners and we thank Julia for that.

I’ve known Julia M. Spencer for over 20 years now and she has always been very honest and forthcoming in everything she does. Her Real Estate record is very impressive along with her knowledge of Real Estate. She is very passionate about Real Estate and if you spend just 5 minutes listening to her, you will see exactly what I mean. Take the opportunity to learn from Julia as she will put the “M” in your middle name for Money.