New EBooks

Essential Landlord Guide

Includes: Ideal Landlord Candidate, Leases A-Z, Specialty Leases, Property Managers and Agreements, Evictions and Wage Garnishments, Dealing with Tenants, and Trashed Property.

Make Money with Tax Sale Investing

Includes: Tax Sale Foreclosure Basics, Researching Properties, Special Stipulations, Tax Sale Preparation, At Tax Sale, Post Tax Sale, Overage Investing, Front Running Investing, Including Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida Tax Sale Investing

Make MORE Money with Tax Sale Investing

Includes: Tax Sale Foreclosure Basics, Strategies Explained, Good- Bad and Ugly Examples, DETAILED Tax Sale Due Diligence, Wholesale Investing, Overage Investing, How to get SEED Money, Competition Avoidance, Dirty Tricks, Lien Priorities, Tax Sale Investing Including Utah and Ohio

Remodeling/Construction for Property Investors

Includes: Finding & Keeping Good Contractors, Being a good Construction Project Client, Old House Nightmares, and Various Construction Steps such as: Land Finding/ Financing, Breaking Ground/ Framing, Electricity, Plumbing, Roof, HV&AC, Finishing, Walls, Ceilings, Painting & Flooring, all from the perspective of a Real Estate Investor!

U.S. Real Estate Investing For Foreigners

Includes: Green Card through Real Estate Investing, Buying a Property for Pennies on the Dollar, Money Lending Options for Foreign Real Estate Investors, Online Auctions, Real Estate Investing in Nevada, General Q&A’s about Tax Foreclosures & Real Estate Tax Sale Investing in California!