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- 6 Zoom Sessions (1 Hour Each)

     - (Preferably over the course of 3 months, but there is no expiry date)


     - (If book within 5 days of a complimentary call, there is a 5% discount)

What’s included?

     - Establishment of your comfort level with Real Estate Investing/ different
       strategies (Tax Sales, Overage/ Excess Proceeds, Flipping, others…)

     - Discussion of advantages/ disadvantages of all as applied to you

     - Establishment of your market (area)

     - Hands-On working of your selected strategy (adjusted to your market(s)) via
       developing a game plan to proceed:

            • Where (for example) we establish at minimum 6 auctions in the first 6
              months (mix of online, and in-person) with an established To-Do list
              for you to complete between each session.

            • Where (for example) we figure out a way to find and work fix-and-flip

            • Where (for example) we find a game plan to establish seed money
              from various sources, including investors.

            • Where (for example) we find a way to work on Overages/ Excess
               Proceeds as a way to establish seed money.

            • Online research of auctions, property records, other information as

            • Phone calls to officials (three-way) to gather information, as needed.
            • Joint establishment of spreadsheets, info bases to gather information.

     - All sessions recorded and provided to you immediately post session.

     - Included is access to websites, POC’s, forms, and additional ideas as we go

     - We will adjust the strategy along the way until you are comfortable on how
       to proceed on your own.

     - Included is also a way to think of creative financing options as well as ways
       to create seed money.

     - All sessions are Hands-On and no examples. You will work on real auctions,
       real projects, etc. and you will be able to invest along the way (if you wish).

     - We will jointly review properties so you learn my thought process on how I
       determine if a property is worthwhile. We can also go though your lists.

     - We will go as fast/ slow as needed adjusting each session according to your
       skills/ progression.

     - Each session includes Q&A periods so you can always get all your questions

If Interested:

Contact Julia Now!

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Basic Coaching Package

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